Sales & Marketing Integration

One of the largest areas of conflict and misunderstanding in business are the roles of sales and marketing. They are often lumped together as one role, or alternately are two roles that seem to butt heads with each other on a constant basis.

In a truly successful business of any size, marketing efforts are complimentary to the sales process, and the sales process supports the marketing efforts. These two roles require completely separate skill-sets, but need to work seamlessly together to create optimal results for you.

By working together, the two produce much better bottom-line results for the business. That is measurable in more leads and closed sales per dollar spent on marketing efforts, a better understanding of your customer, and a solid grasp of where your customer is and how you can best reach them.

However, integrating these two very critical roles can be a difficult and complicated undertaking. Processes and procedures need to be in place that are easy to follow and simple to administer. Management staff, employees and clients need to be included to ensure that the integration process generates positive results. All parties in the organization need to be able to see the benefits and join into the culture of the integrated business structure.

We will work with your company to identify the best means of integrating your sales and marketing efforts, in a way that is manageable, efficient and profitable!