Sponsorship & Event Programs

Special event ties and sponsorship programs are both effective and personal means of promoting your business and corporate philosophy. They connect directly to your market through
a positive and inclusive program which brings you and your business to a more personal level with your existing or potential customer.

There are many facets to the sponsorship and/or event marketing program. Our comprehensive understanding of the numerous and highly important details within these programs include every
aspect of involvement on a small local basis, or on a major international level and includes special events, concerts, festivals, sporting events, motorsport programs, charity fundraisers, and more.

Whether you are an event host looking to attract sponsors, or you are a company looking to advertise through sponsoring an event or team – we can help ensure that its done right.

We have solid experience in almost every aspect of event & sponsorship marketing, from small intimate events through to major events that attract tens of thousands of patrons. Our experience includes:

  • True Value Assessment
  • Target Market Evaluation
  • Media Exposure / Media Relations
  • Risk & Site Assessment
  • General Planning and Analysis
  • Access Control & Ticketing
  • Program Creation & Development
  • On & Off-Site Promotional Programs
  • On-Site Displays & Marketing Opportunities
  • Alliances & Partnerships
  • Local through National Charity Ties
  • Volunteer Recruiting & Management
  • Traffic Control & Planning
  • Sponsor & Patron Incentive Programs
  • Retail & Sales Driven Programs
  • Cross Promotion and Co-op Programs
  • Public Relations Management
  • Signage & On-Site Recognition
  • Crowd Control & Security
  • Pre and Post Event Promotions
  • Event ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Multi-year / Multiple Site Programs

Sponsorship and event related programs can be hugely beneficial to small and large businesses alike, creating a fiercely loyal customer base. Be sure to talk with your Concept Company representative on how you can take advantage of this type of program.