Our Belief

We believe that companies should be able to harness the very best in marketing, advertising and print services without having to become specialists themselves.

We believe that great advertising and marketing does not necessarily require the huge expense of an advertising agency in order to deliver fantastic results for businesses – large or small.

We believe in delivering great value for a fair price. We feel that if we ensure that our clients are pleased with our work, and ensure that our billing provides our clients with solid value, they will continue to stay with us.

And we believe that almost everything is better with ice cream.

Because of these beliefs, we deliver impressive and impactful design & product marketing at very reasonable rates. The Concept Company has been a successful organization since 1991, while in that time many high-cost agencies have met their demise, and many low-budget firms have similarly met with extinction.

Our success is based on a simple equation. Our drive is to create an image for your business that is not only memorable, but also impactive. This is the underlying goal on every project we undertake. The result? True, long-term value!